About Dr. Madeline Altabe

Dr. Madeline was educated at New College of Florida and the University of South Florida.  After more than 20 years of practice in Tampa she relocated with family to Georgia.  She is looking forward to sharing her services and learning more about about the Atlanta community.

Dr. Madeline is a published author in body image and illness coping. Recent work: Maintaining a Healthy Body Image in Today’s World

“What I have learned from clients is that despite many challenges most want the same basic things satisfying relationships and a sense of purpose.  They want their therapist to hear them and understand their unique struggle.”

Individual Psychotherapy: Eating disorders, compulsive overeating, depression, anxiety, coping with chronic illness, trauma informed.

Psychological Assessment: General assessment, eating disorders, bariatric surgery and pain stimulator consultation.

Alpha-Stim:  An adjunct to psychotherapy to manage mood, insomnia and pain.

Suggested resources:

Chronic invisible disability support: invisibledisabilities.org

Eating disorder awareness: nationaleatingdisorderns.org

Eating disorder books: gurzebooks.com

Eating disorder support: mentorconnect-ed.org