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Cinema therapy uses the experience of getting lost in a film as a means to examine and experience themes and roles as part of individual psychotherapy.

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We provide a place to reflect upon your circumstance

and find a way for your radiance to shine through.

Eating disorders

recovery and positive body image

Coping with chronic illness and finding meaningful living

Workshops for enhancing

body image in teens and


Our Approach


Dr. Madeline has counseled clients for more than 20 years helping them to find their inner strengths and purpose and overcome obstacles.  Accurate evidence-based information and a positive working relationship are the cornerstones of practice.  We look forward to working with you.

Dr. Madeline specializes in Emotional Disorders, Eating Disorders, Body Image, and Coping with Chronic Illness

Clients find our practice to be a warm and safe place to work towards happier, calmer ways of being in their lives. Although I do talk with people about their past much of my focus is on how people are doing now in their lives and what they want for their future. I prefer a collaborative approach using the knowledge and skills of psychology, to help people reach goals for themselves and families.


Specific methods include cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, humanist and Gottman-informed interventions.



Light Up

for Eating Disorders