Cinema therapy uses the experience of getting lost in a film as a means to examine and experience themes and roles as part of individual psychotherapy.

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We provide a place to reflect upon your circumstance 

and find a way for your radiance to shine through.

Eating disorders 

care and positive body image 

Bariatric Assessments

Coping with chronic illness and finding meaningful living.

Alpha-Stim Trained

Helping couples find shared meaning through good times and other times.

Gottman Level 2 Certified


Welcome to Radiance Counseling.  The name Radiance because of the belief in the spirit of all people to grow and heal.  This is their radiance.  Clients at Radiance Counseling find a warm and supportive environment that promotes insight.

I rely on the science of psychology to enhance people’s lives.  That may include cognitive – behavioral and mindfulness approaches. I want to hear how you would like to see change in your life whether it be in your work, relationships or internally in how you care for yourself in our ever changing world. Stories of people overcoming in obstacles are all around us.  That’s why I often include cinema therapy to help clients process the struggles in their own life.

The focus of my practice is on body image and sense of self.  I work with individuals with eating disorders, bariatrics, chronic illness and mood disorders for 30 years.  

Radiance Counseling does work with several insurance plans to increase access to mental health services.  We believe that inclusivity and advocacy for underserved groups are integral to promoting good community.

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Light Up

for Eating Disorders